Roundtable Warsaw 2017

How to increase operational efficiency in hospitals and care organizations balancing the ‘cost/quality of care’ equation

National and international speakers delivered keynotes and presentations, followed by a peer-to-peer discussion.
Our focus topics included

  • patient monitoring
  • workflow integration
  • communication and collaboration at the point-of-care

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We would like to express our thanks to Kontel for their support of this roundtable in Warsaw. 

Adresse: Krakowskie Przedmieście 42/44, 00-325 Warszawa, Poland

The basic rationale for the development of radiotherapy in Poland is the increase of malignant cancers incidence and, by the same, of the number of oncological patients which fully justifies the need for systemic changes in oncological treatment and separation of funds for investment inputs into devices. Development of radiotherapy must take into account solutions which not only promote the comprehensiveness and multi-disciplinary character of care but also cost OPTIMIZATION tools. In radiotherapy is a positive correlation between the location of radiotherapy centers and the availability of those procedures. Therefore, it is justified to decentralize radiotherapy in regions, with the assumption that new centers will be created in locations where there is a health care need among the population. The optimum model of radiotherapy decentralization is creation of subsidiaries of multi-disciplinary main centers, together forming a regional radiotherapy access network.
Compliance requirements for projects in the field of Big Data, IoT or Cloud Computing increase. So it’s not a surprising matter of fact, that today’s privacy officers are often perceived as the „no“ in „innovation“ - just because they are trying to minimize risks for the health services. To succeed at competitive market environments, there is the big challenge to comply to regulations and patient information on the one site without losing the ability to create an innovative approach on the other hand. Thomas Jäschke is working in the field of data privacy for decades. He presents an approach, to achieve modern data privacy standards as part of the quality assurance - and without disrupting innovative services.
Curriculum vitae of Dr. Jerzy Szebla
Curriculum vitae of Prof. Adam Maciejczyk
Curriculum vitae of Prof. Jaroslaw J. Fedorowski
Curriculum vitae of Prof. Dr. Thomas Jäschke

    Please find here the post-event report.


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